Zdeněk Miler, the author of the popular character Mole, passed away on 30 November 2011.

He left behind vast artistic cinematographic and literary works.

Mole is definitely the most popular character that he created and immortalized in 62 films and hundreds of book illustrations.

Only the author can have the copyright to his works; after his death, only his legitimate heirs and nobody else. The copyrights are passed on by inheritance only.

Mr. Zdeněk Miler authorized me, based on the notarial deed from 16 October 2006, to administer the estate of his copyrights during the time period following his death until the estate proceedings are finished. He did so to ensure the continuity in providing licenses and making use of his copyrights.

My task of the administrator is to maintain and valorize the estate that I was entrusted to administer, which also includes to sign contracts.

My administration of Mr. Miler’s copyrights estate, which I perform based on his will and has been confirmed by the Municipal Court in Prague, still continues. The estate proceedings have not yet been finished and I personally am not able to tell when they will be finished.

As long as the administration of copyrights estate continues, the future heirs cannot dispose of the estate or adopt any measures regarding the estate.

After the estate proceedings are finished, Mr. Zdeněk Miler’s copyrights shall pass onto the legitimate heirs of his copyrights based on the resolution of the competent court.

In Prague, on 12 December 2012


JUDr. Milena Fischerová

Attorney at Law
Administrator of the estate of all copyrights of Zdeněk Miler

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